NILE #16. October-November 2018 - Single issue

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Nile 16, Cover 1B 35%.jpg

NILE #16. October-November 2018 - Single issue

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Tomb Robbery and Coffin Reuse
Was a coffin really meant for eternity? Was all tomb robbery a lawless abhorrence? We look at Kara Cooney’s study into “legal” coffin reuse. (Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of it!) 

Kleopatra Selene
The melodrama of Cleopatra VII’s political and not-so-private life has been well explored. What is less well known is that Cleopatra and Mark Antony had three children, including a daughter, Kleopatra Selene. 

The Unlucky Mummy
So, you think you know the story of the Unlucky Mummy? Think again. We explore the myths and the surprising truth about THAT mummy board. 

Spirit Birds
Not only could Egypt’s birds represent a specific deity, but also a number of concepts that were crucial to the Egyptians enjoying a successful afterlife. 

The Royal Tombs
In this final abridged instalment of Aidan Dodson’s The Royal Tombs of Ancient Egypt, the New Kingdom pharaohs embrace Senwosret III’s innovation, separate their tombs and temples, and head underground. 

What's New?
Alexandria’s “Big Black Sarcophagus” surprises with some impressed gold sheets, and the world’s oldest cheese yet discovered turns out to be the real evil.

Plus, The Nile Crossword (NEW!), Looking Back and lots more.

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