So beautiful and informative. The information is comprehensive and so fascinating. The pictures are exquisite! Absolutely beautiful!!
— Louise Fearn, Staffordshire


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The Tomb - 1000 years of robbery and reuse; plundered and repacked with new tenants over and over. Incredibly, discovered in 1857 with its last burial intact.

Egypt's first ever funerary garden - a 4,000-year-old grid of garden beds discovered in Luxor.

Back from the Blitz. Liverpool's World Museum opens its new ancient Egypt gallery, featuring artefacts on show for the first time since 1941.

Art and Archaeology: the two worlds of Oriental Institute epigraphic artist, Susan Osgood.

The Royal Tombs of Ancient Egypt. From Aidan Dodson's new book we explore Egypt's pharaonic beginnings: the Early Dynastic Period.

Discoveries in Aswan. New members of a powerful Middle Kingdom family stationed on Elephantine Island are coming to light.

Plus much more. Enjoy your Nile time!

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Love your magazine-makes me feel like I’m already there whenever I read it.
— Diana Coady, Torbay, Canada
I can honestly say it is the best and most informative magazine on ancient Egypt I have ever read - and that includes all the worldwide publications.
— Jason Whitbread, Epping
Just got my copy today & IT’S AMAZING
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Nile Magazine is not only a great resource, it’s beautiful too.
— Eric Felton, Washington D.C.
Great edition and excellent reading material for anyone interested in ancient Egypt.
— Steve Turnbull, Aberdeen, Scotland
Superb magazine! Highly readable, great design and the photography is brilliant.
— Phil Key, Wirral, U.K.