NILE #14. June-July 2018 - Single issue

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Nile 14, Cover 1B 35%.jpg

NILE #14. June-July 2018 - Single issue

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The Face of Nefertiti?
The head of a mummy dubbed the “Younger Lady” was recently scanned and modelled. It’s a remarkable portrait, but is it Nefertiti? We look at the cases for and against the connection.

Tutankhamun's tomb: The final scan results.
There's nothing there!

The North Wall of Tutankhamun's tomb: The New Interpretation.
Does the lack of hidden chambers mean that Tutankhamun’s tomb is out of surprises? Far from it. In fact, Nicholas Reeves was on the right track. We reveal that KV 62 WAS built for Nefertiti after all.

Luxor Temple's New Face.
Another of Ramesses II's colossal statues stands again. Or should that be "Amenhotep III's colossal statue"?

The Royal Tombs—Part Four: The Middle Kingdom.
After a century in the wilderness, royal pyramids are back—but not as we knew them.

The Celestial Dung Beetle.
What is it about the humble scarab that led the ancient Egyptians to make it the most popular amulet in Egyptian history?

Plus, The Nile Quiz, Looking Back and lots more.

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