NILE #3. August-September 2016

Nile 3 Cover 2D.jpg
Nile 3 Cover 2D.jpg

NILE #3. August-September 2016

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The Sport of Pyramideering: Climbing the Great Pyramid in days gone by.

Ramesses II's "Mansion of Millions of Years: Is the Ramesseum a giant case of identity theft?

Stunning new photos of the treasure-trove inside the Egyptian Museum.

From Alexandria to Abu Simbel: Wonderful images from the early days of photography in Egypt.

Hetepheres. Harvard University brings us closer to the missing queen.

The Disaster at Abu Simbel. Was Ramesses II ever told?

Mummy Masks: The golden masks that transform the mortal into the divine.

On this day in Egyptology history.

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