NILE #21. Sept-Oct 2019

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Nile 21, Cover 1A.jpg

NILE #21. Sept-Oct 2019


Women of Power and Influence: Part 3
The final article in a three-part series on the remarkable royal women of ancient Egypt who, out of duty or ambition, stepped beyond the ancient world’s traditional roles and shaped Egypt’s history. 

The Enigmatic Mummy from KV 55: Part 2
When tomb KV 55 was discovered in 1907, a crumbling mummy was found inside that has perplexed Egyptologists ever since. Who was it? The answer promises to identify the father of Tutankhamun.

The third chapter of a five-part series on royal residences in the Nile Delta. This time, it’s Avaris: the city of the Hyksos 'invaders'.

Showman, strongman, engineer, excavator of tombs and temples, mover of massive masterpieces—Giovanni Belzoni left a legacy in Egyptology that was, in every conceivable way, large!

From Gurob to the Getty
“Put simply, if Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, then at present the Gurob model is the nearest we can approach to that ship type” (Shelley Wachsmann, 2018). A new exhibition at the Petrie Museum examines a unique model found at Gurob in the Faiyum.

Egyptian Art Reconstructed
A new feature to NILE Magazine where you can experience ancient tomb and temple reliefs as they looked when they were brand new.

 Plus lots more! Enjoy your Nile time.

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