NILE #20. June-July 2019

Nile 20, Cover 1A.jpg
Nile 20, Cover 1A.jpg

NILE #20. June-July 2019


Women of Power and Influence: Part 2
The second article in a three-part series on the remarkable royal women of ancient Egypt who, out of duty or ambition, stepped beyond the ancient world’s traditional roles and shaped Egypt’s history.

A New Temple at Abydos
This issue’s ARCE Update highlights the discovery of a temple palace of Ramesses II, which forever changes the archaeological landscape of Abydos.

River Spirit
The incredible photography of Chester Higgins highlights some of the shared cultural legacies between the ancient people who made up the empires of Aksum (modern Ethiopia), Kush (Sudan) and Kemet (Egypt).

New Light on the Bent Pyramid
A new photogrammetric survey of Sneferu’s Bent Pyramid at Dahshur was carried out in 2018. The data collected provided significant and valuable new information about the construction of the monument.

A Royal Affair
The Ptolemies were as ruthless as they were incestuous. In this particular dynasty, the end always justified the means. Diana T. Nikolova looks at Ptolemies VI and VIII (and Cleopatras II and III), and their cosy-yet-murderous relationships.

The Enigmatic Mummy from KV 55: Part 1
 When tomb KV 55 was discovered in 1907, a crumbling mummy was found inside  that has perplexed Egyptologists ever since. Who was it? The answer promises to identify the father of Tutankhamun.

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