NILE #18. February-March 2019

Nile 18, Cover 1 1A.jpg
Nile 18, Cover 1 1A.jpg

NILE #18. February-March 2019


2018's Top Discoveries
Ancient Egypt made plenty of headlines last year: from the Big Black Sarcophagus, to the revelation that there was no hidden chamber in Tutankhamun's tomb after all. But what were the most significant discoveries of the year?

Discovering Abu Simbel
A brilliantly-illustrated, guided tour.

Is Ramesses III overrated?
Ramesses III is sometimes described as Egypt’s last great pharaoh. So why did his reign end in murder and an attempted coup?

The Bent Pyramid
It’s one of Egypt’s oldest pyramids, and still one of the least understood. Why the bend? Why the two entrances? Some of the answers are in this issue.

Animals in Magic and Medicine
The ancient Egyptians were famous for their medical knowledge. Did they learn it initially from observing animals  (and sacrificing them)?

Ptolemy I
The Ptolemaic Dynasty is famed for its last ruler, Queen Cleopatra VII. But what do we know about  the man who created it?

Plus, the Nile Crossword and lots more! Enjoy!

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