NILE #13 on PDF. April-May 2018

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Nile 13, Cover 1B 35%.jpg

NILE #13 on PDF. April-May 2018

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The war against the Hyksos cost Prince Ahmose’s family dearly, and, bizarrely, may have started with some bellowing hippos.

How a small community of Nubian traders and Egyptian colonists blended and forged a new identity that may have led to the rise of Egypt's largest-ever empire.

A new history of Khonsu Temple at Karnak, and a new look for a splendid statue of Amenhotep III - we look at some of the remarkable results of the American Research Center in Egypt's conservation field schools.

The Giza Project at Harvard University is building a 3D virtual reconstruction of the Giza Plateau as it may have looked when first built. We explore one of the tombs that have been digitally recreated: that of Meresankh III, the granddaughter of Khufu.

The most commonly-depicted deity in the entire history of ancient Egypt isn't Osiris, Amun or Hathor—it's the divine falcon. We look at the different raptors in the Egyptian pantheon.

Jean-François Champollion may have been beaten in the race to decipher hieroglyphs by medieval Arab scholars centuries before.

Plus, The Nile Quiz, Looking Back, Nile Style and lots more. Enjoy your Nile time!

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