NILE #13. April-May 2018 - Single Issue

Nile 13, Cover 1A.jpg
Nile 13, Cover 1A.jpg

NILE #13. April-May 2018 - Single Issue

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Living With the Enemy
Tombos: Nubians and Egyptians forging a new identity that may have led to Egypt's largest-ever empire.

Ahmose: Father of a Dynasty
Bizarrely, the war against the Hyksos may have started with some bellowing hippos.

The Divine Falcon
The most commonly-depicted deity in the entire history of ancient Egypt is the divine falcon.

Hieroglyphs: Who Translated them First?
Jean-François Champollion may have been beaten by medieval Arab scholars centuries before.

Saving Ancient Egypt
A new history of Khonsu Temple at Karnak, and a new look for a statue of Amenhotep III: the remarkable results of the American Research Center in Egypt's conservation field schools.

Meresankh III: Queen for Eternity
The Giza Project at Harvard University is building a 3D virtual reconstruction of the Giza Plateau as it may have looked when first built. We explore one of the digitally recreated tombs: that of Khufu's granddaughter.

Plus, The Quiz, Looking Back and lots more. Enjoy your Nile time!

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