NILE #10 on PDF. Oct-Nov 2017

Nile 10, Cover 1B 35%.jpg
Nile 10, Cover 1B 35%.jpg

NILE #10 on PDF. Oct-Nov 2017

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The Governors of Elephantine: New insights into life at Egypt's southernmost outpost.

New Feature: The Quiz

The Coffin of Ramesses II: Nicholas Reeves reveals not only the true owner of Ramesses' coffin, but also the dramatic circumstances behind its re-use.

How Egyptian cats shaped the modern cats we love today. Plus, we meet the world's first cat with a name.

The Met's stunning new, golden acquisition.

The Noble Vulture: How did such an unappealing bird become the titular goddess of Upper Egypt?

Belzoni's discovery of the spectacular tomb of Seti I.

Plus much more. Enjoy your Nile time!

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